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Almost all the time, fresh graduates do not really have a clear idea about what they want to do, how to successfully fulfill it and how to sustain it. In reality, almost every person has the same dilemma.

This article aims to help these people map their way to a better future with the best career advices there are.

What do you really want to do?

Oftentimes, the degrees we earned at school do not match the profession that we enter in or practice after graduation. I cannot emphasize more the importance of determining your chosen career path before you choose which course to take in college, but it is also undeniable that several factors may affect your choice along the way. And there is nothing wrong about this. In fact, this is very normal. If you ever find yourself in confusion, the following suggestions might help:

Determine your strengths and weaknesses. List each and every one of them. The famous saying that you must do what you love may sound cliché but it works all the time. Most often than not, what you actually love doing will manifest in your strengths. Focus on these.

Doing what you’re most interested in and what you’re most passionate about is always a good plan. This becomes your foundation to success.

How to successfully fulfil it?

A lot of inspirational messages have been shared by successful people and great leaders in the world. Uber executive, Matt Wyndowe practically summed it up in one sentence – shoot for the moon. “To be successful, don’t follow the pack. If you want to win, don’t hedge.” This should be your primary mantra that you would keep reminding yourself whenever you’re in doubt, you’re discouraged, or feeling at a loss. Have a goal.

Your character, attitude and perspective will also play major roles in fulfilling your career objectives. In Wyndowe’s post about his thoughts in general career advice, he has wrote several items about these three. “Be likable”. Whatever attitude you’ve been brought up to, you must always be willing to adjust and learn about how to improve your attitude within your chosen career and life in general. In his words, you must also be humble because arrogance can be a cause of brutality. Self-discipline is a must in this category. Widening your perspective and opening your mind make a significant positive effect in your way to success. In his post, Matt noted that successful people listen. You must remember that you do not know everything. Listen to what others have to say, discuss with them, learn from each other. He also wrote that you’ve got to give trust to get trust. Adjust your view on trust accordingly. Everyone deserves a chance to prove their worth.

Two other important items are wisdom and good judgment. To be a successful leader, you must accept that you are not always right and extract wisdom from it. Your industry will be very challenging so you must have to be always prepared for anything that could happen. Study the trends and alternatives well.
Also, having good judgment does not happen overnight. You will gradually master this as you go along. But you can start with creating a best team. Choose the right members because as Matt has said, “you will only be as good as the people you will recruit”.
Basically, the major ingredients in fulfilling your dreams is a balanced mixture of your personal character and professional knowledge or skills. One’s character is already a given but it can always be built better and stronger throughout your life. Strive to build it in accordance to what is right. Professional knowledge and skills are powerful tools. Take good care of them.

How to sustain it?

In Matt Wyndowe’s post, he talked about the Pareto Principle. In order to stay successful, you must keep in mind your mission and objectives. “Always look for the 80/20. 80% of the value is delivered by 20% of the product or service. Focus on that 20%.” Being consistent is a key.

Matt also talked about the traits of a good leader. In order to stay successful, regardless of your position, be clear and fair. He mentioned to “put on the cloak of leadership”. Successful people do not put other people down. Instead, they serve as inspirations and motivators to their employees or teammates and to other people outside the organization as well. Do not lose this trait.

Keep surrounding yourself with people who inspire you. Matt suggested to always strive to hire people better than you are. Excellence is something that should thrive in your organization all the time. It is also healthy to surround yourself with people you look up to, those leaders whose traits have motivated you. Lessons from these persons are always a treat.

Lastly, you must learn exponentially. Learning is a never ending process. Do not ever get tired of this.