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If you haven’t started planning your exit, these three reasons should wake you up from your daydream and get you moving today.

1. Your business shows an upward trend, with a possible improved performance in 2014.

There are only two components of business any future owner would truly care about and these are: the future cash flows and the perceived risks of receiving them. Hence, for each year that you show performance improvement, you will have the better chances of selling because of the higher value for business that you can showcase to the future owner. This is a fact that would come in really handy if you’re working on an exit value that will help you meet your personal financial goals.

2. There is capital available for acquisition purposes.

Based on the information gathered by the PEI Services, there are 2,474 equity groups owning 56,943 privately-held companies today. Many of these private groups are willing to buy a platform business, coupled with additional companies as part of their growth plan.

3. This is the “golden age” for tools and resources that help in your exit strategy.

Exit planning calls for a complex set of strategies. To fill this growing need, a new breed of consultants was born. Exit planners are adept at building and business models aimed at developing a successful exit strategy using analytics and advanced technology.

Access the right tools and expert help to help you through the complexities of the exit planning process.